Teru Jupiter (Versailles) (tanbi_no_kami) wrote,
Teru Jupiter (Versailles)

TERU Birthday Project 2012

I guess it's time to start to think about new birthday project for TERU this year...
Last year we had a collection of fanletters for him, so I thought about a photo collection for this year.
Maybe it would be nice if you would take a photo o fyouself with a short Happy Birthday message for TERU in your hands.
But I'm not sure yet how to finish the present. Maybe a book? or a poster? or something else?
Any ideas?

Please tell me what you think about it!
I want to start the project as soon as possible that TERU can get it on his birthday.

EDIT: Thank you for your comments!

Until now, most of you seem to like the idea to take photos for him and had it to him in form of a book. I also thought that would be that best.

I'm not sure yet whether I'll be in Japan at his birthday, but I'm sure we'll find a way to give it to TERU.

I also like the idea of a youtube video. Maybe this could be done additionally? I think Reminiscence would be good as backround music ^^

For those who don't like taking photos of themselves:
I guess there will be always someone who doesn't like something. Some don't like to write, some can't draw, some don't like photos etc.
My suggestion: Maybe you still can take a photo for the project.
You could hide well behind your message...
Maybe you have a dog or other pet you could photograph with the message instead...
Or maybe you have a nice doll, plushie, a guitar or just a rose... anything nice you can photograph with a message for TERU.

About the last year's project... Actually I never got a message whether he got it or not (._.') But since it didn't came back, I think he got it. Sorry that I can't say anything for sure.

BTW. What do you think about writing a "Happy Birthday" in your mother tongue?

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